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There seems to be no shortage of young bands making music in the German language right now. In Austria, Bilderbuch and Wanda are attracting attention. Elsewhere Kraftklub and KIZ continue to keep things fresh from the German perspective. While there is still the notion you won’t be “successful” (whatever that means) unless you write and sing in English, the German/Austrian/Swiss music scene is hot. And good for them! (And us, as German language learners!) This month’s featured German language music act are Berlin-based indie band Von Wegen Lisbeth.

Fans of AnnenMayKantereit, who were a previous German Music feature, or Element of Crime may already be familiar with this band. Von Wegen Lisbeth have toured with both bands recently.

Get to Know Von Wegen Lisbeth

Von Wegen Lisbeth are five guys: Julian Hölting (bass), Matthias Rohde (vocals and guitar), Robert Tischer (electronics), Doz Zschäbitz (guitar) and Julian Zschäbitz (drums). Their music is upbeat pop that you can dance to. But this is not a simple or straightforward guitar-guitar-bass-drums line-up. Von Wegen Lisbeth have an electronic component. It is that twinkling of the keys and synths that helps them to keep a light, poppy edge. Not to mention that the band have been known to take xylophones and steel drums on stage with them. Talk about taking a fun risk.

This past summer the band released their debut full-length. The not exactly modestly titled Grande is a fourteen track album. The release features tracks from the band’s 2014 Und plötzlich der Lachs EP.

If you happen to be in Germany, Austria or Switzerland next year, you are in luck. The five Berliners already have plenty of concerts lined-up for 2017.

Listen to Von Wegen Lisbeth

Unfortunately for listeners physically located outside of the German-speaking world, access to the band’s music videos is hard to come by. In all likelihood the band’s record label, Sony Music Germany, is keeping the music locked down. Regardless, we are in luck! Spotify has Grande and Und plötzlich der Lachs available to stream. The band’s EP is also available on their Bandcamp page.

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