Learn German with the music of Von Wegen Lisbeth.

Learn German: Music of Von Wegen Lisbeth

It is easy to write off bands with light melodies and poppy tunes as not serious. But to make that judgment of Von Wegen Lisbeth would be all wrong. In their more than a decade together, the quintet from Berlin has evolved from what seemed like a straightforward indie-pop band into one offering something far more considered. This month, learn German with the upbeat and energetic tunes of Von Wegen Lisbeth.

Get to Know Von Wegen Lisbeth

The story of Von Wegen Lisbeth all started in Berlin when the group was founded in 2006. The quintet came together during their time in school at a Gymnasium in the German capital city. But the members of the group have since put a pause on their studies in order to focus on the band.

The band’s lineup remains the same since their founding: Matthias Rohde (vocals and guitar), Julian Hölting (bass), Robert Tischer (synthesizer and percussion), Doz Zschäbitz (guitar), and Julian Zschäbitz (drummer).

The Music of Von Wegen Lisbeth

As of 2021, the group has released two studio albums and a live album. But it all started with the Promo 2012 EP that was released in the fall of (surprise, surprise) 2012. Two years later, the band earned a coveted spot as an opener for the darlings of German rock AnnenMayKantereit. That same year they released their second EP, Und plötzlich der Lachs, which features the warm and instantly memorable melodic track “Sushi.” During this time they also continued to tour with AMK as well as heading out on their own tour.

In 2016, the group released their debut full-length album, Grande. The album spent a respectable three weeks on the German charts as their momentum grew. And with its vibrant, energetic indie pop music, it is easy to understand why. The album is fun, accessible, and likable. The album spawned memorable singles like the engaging “Meine Kneipe” and the racing melody of “Bitch” while the less in-your-face “Wenn du tanzt” builds suspense with its steady rhythm.

2019 saw the release of the album [email protected]. With experience, the group has settled into their sound. What was once youthful energy and confidence has developed into precise and thoughtful. Gone are the unabashedly poppy songs but what remains is a polish and finish that is more serious without ever being stern.

The band released their first live album, Von Wegen Lisbeth – Live in der Columbiahalle in 2020. As one might expect, the live album captures all of the raw energy of the band that studio albums just cannot.

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