In Search Of The Best Hot Chocolate

parisian hot chocolate

One of the things I enjoy about cooking and trying different recipes at home is being able to recreate a meal or an item that I had or imagine from somewhere else. It’s an easy way to change the atmosphere and forget the day job or whatever else is bothering me. That said, I’ve also just been really looking for a hot chocolate recipe that isn’t like those watery mixes you buy at the grocery store. We had been using Cortez Chocolate bars, which are definitely a tasty and cost effective option, but had difficulty getting all of the chocolate to melt. Then I found this recipe from David Lebovitz that swears to be authentic Parisian hot chocolate. Oui, oui? Now that’s an atmosphere I can embrace.

Lebovitz also has a Belgian hot chocolate recipe on his blog but I opted for the Parisian variety since it seemed less sweet. And let me tell you, the Parisian version was sweet. Too sweet for my liking. My husband seemed to agree, adding more milk to his to dilute the chocolate.

But I will say, as much as I hate to admit it (as a sworn no fat milk drinker), the whole milk definitely made a difference and the consistency of the hot chocolate couldn’t be beat. The chocolate I used melted 98% of the way into the milk which is far better than usual for our previous home hot chocolate attempts. But this recipe was just too sweet.


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