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smoked peppers

Homemade Hot Sauce

While I might unintentionally fling flour all over the kitchen from time to time — I’ve gotten better; I’m not nearly as messy a baker as I once was. It’s amazing what practice can do! — I’m not the only one in our household that is guilty of making a mess in the kitchen. My

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Farro spaghetti

Farro Spaghetti

I don’t have a literal culinary bucket list but I do have a mental one. While I do seem to be adding things to the list quicker than I can find the time to make them, I can finally put a check mark next to pasta. I was provided with a package of Tuscan Fields

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DIY: Crème Fraîche

What do you do when you can’t find something you need for a recipe in the grocery store? Search the internet! And that’s exactly what I did when I found I needed crème fraîche for my Jägerschnitzel recipe but couldn’t find it in my local grocery store. Luckily, I found a recipe for a substitution.

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Jägerschnitzel, aka Hunter’s cutlet, is another one of those classic German dishes I love. While I could (and have) eaten Wiener Schnitzel everyday, I also love Jägerschnitzel. It’s essentially a pork chop in a cream sauce of mushrooms and onions. Of course, I wanted to try making it at home but the one part that

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Homemade Apfelschorle

It wasn’t until I was doing the write up on my homemade Spezi that I realized that I should try making Apfelschorle at home. Apfelschorle is a mix of carbonated mineral water and apple juice that’s widely available and popular in Germany. Oh, and it’s pretty tasty, too. So, I had to do it. I

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Homemade Spezi

Recently, I was mixing sodas in my kitchen and I got a funny look from my guest. That’s when I had to go into the explanation. One of my favorite things about visiting Germany is the food. And that includes the beverages. And I’m not talking beer. I mean drinks like Apfelschorle and, my favorite,

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Crisp Apple Strudel

A few months back when we were in Germany, our friends generously gifted us with Alfons Schuhbeck‘s “Meine Kochschule,” a German cookbook. I’ve been eager to try some of the recipes in it so we held our first actual “dinner party” for our parents. On the menu: Wiener Schnitzel and apple strudel. Overall, I’m very,

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