Homemade Spezi

Orange soda and cola make Spezi!
Recently, I was mixing sodas in my kitchen and I got a funny look from my guest. That’s when I had to go into the explanation. One of my favorite things about visiting Germany is the food. And that includes the beverages. And I’m not talking beer. I mean drinks like Apfelschorle and, my favorite, Spezi. No, really. So what are they?

Apfelschorle is apple juice and carbonated mineral water. Spezi is a mix of orange soda and cola. Spezi is a brand, just like you might say Coke when you order soda in a restaurant when you want cola, but it’s a generic brand name now. I usually end up getting Mezzo Mix (a Coke product). Unfortunately, I can’t really get really Spezi or Mezzo around here*. So what else can I do but make it at home? I’ve had great success making Apfelschorle at home, too.

Now this is less than scientific and it’s more personal preference than anything else. I generally eyeball it when I make it. I use 2 oz of orange soda (I use Fanta) with 8 oz a can of cola (my preference is Pepsi Throwback). If you hold the glass up to the light, it’s slightly more orange than straight cola.

For me, it’s the little things that can make me very, very happy.

*That’s actually not true. A local grocery store does have Mezzo Mix but sell it for 89 cents for a can. And that’s more than I’m willing to pay.

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