Learn German with the music of Austrian folk musician Andreas Gabalier!

Learn German with Music of Andreas Gabalier

If my previous posts featuring German musicians in the rock, punk, and rap arenas didn’t speak to you, then maybe the music of Andreas Gabalier will be more your speed. For the last decade, Andreas Gabalier has been topping the music charts in Germany and in his native Austria with his modern pop take on folk music by infusing it with youth and a rock ‘n’ roll attitude. He is pure showmanship. So this month, let’s get to know Andreas Gabalier and practice the German language with music!

Get to Know Andreas Gabalier

Before he was racking up platinum records and winning lots of awards, Andreas Gabalier was a kid growing up in Austria. Born November 21, 1984, in Friesach, Austria, Gabalier grew up the second eldest of four children in Graz.

Gabalier began studying law but, on the side, was writing his own music. Eventually, the music won out and became more than just a hobby. In late 2008, he played his first concert and the rest, as they say, is history.

Music of Andreas Gabalier

Gabalier’s music career in his native Austria took off rather rapidly. His debut album, 2009’s Da komm’ ich her, went to number four in the charts. But since then it’s been only the top of the chart for Gabalier in Austria.

Meanwhile, it took a little longer for Gabalier to win over the neighboring German speakers in Germany and Switzerland. His 2015 album Mountain Man was his first album to go to number one in those countries.

In total, Gabalier has released six studio albums to date, with his most recent (Vergiss mein nicht) being released in June of 2018. He has also released three live albums and countless singles. There’s also been the ubiquitous MTV Unplugged recording. He’s one of the best selling Schlager musicians. And he’s been recognized for more than just his sales figures. Gabalier has won best live act more than once at the Amadeus Awards, Austria’s top music prize.

Gabalier even got in on the popular music trend every four years of releasing World Cup-themed music with his 2018 track “Jogi Loew.” Unfortunately, his anthem dedicated to the German trainer didn’t seem to act as the good luck charm it was intended to be. The team was eliminated in the first round of the tournament.

Gabalier’s Style

It isn’t difficult to pick Gabalier out of a lineup. His signature style is a rock ‘n’ roll attitude brought to folk music. Indeed, he even named his 2011 album Volks-Rock’n’Roller (or Folk-Rock’n’Roller).

On stage, his style consists of a confident look and Lederhosen that he usually pairs with suspenders and a white tank top. It’s a traditional look but with a modern twist. A mix of tradition, kitsch and youth.

Similarly, Gabalier’s music makes wide use of dialect, a common occurrence in Schlager, or folk music. For German language learners, this can mean a bit of a challenge at times. But it isn’t insurmountable. Especially when it’s got a catchy tune!

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