Learn German with the music of the Vienna collective Euroteuro!

Learn German with Music of Euroteuro

The indie electropop band Euroteuro may be familiar to anyone who follows Viennese rock music. The brainchild of Peter T., the group is a collective making charmingly straightforward and uncomplicated music. And as a solo live act, Euroteuro has toured with fellow Vienna musician Voodoo Jürgens.

This art and music collective stands out in a time when the music scene is saturated with groups making similar music, often heavy on samples and light on creativity. Taking a less is more approach can be exposing and risky. But for Euroteuro, it really pays off.

Let’s learn German with music this month and get to know the Austrian collective Euroteuro!

Get to Know Euroteuro

Euroteuro developed in the mid-2010s from what was initially meant to be a solo act for Peter T., an alias used by Florian Seyser. At the time, Seyser’s previous project, as a bass player for the English-language Vienna-based indie rock group Sex Jams, was winding down.

But once the seed was planted, it quickly took root. It did not take long for Euroteuro to develop into something more than a solo outlet. Things really took off in 2016 when the single “Autogrill,” a collaboration between “the collective,” Ninjare Di Angelo (a pseudonym for Nina Petermandl), and Cash Storm (aka Kasia Gruszka) became a bit of a hit.

The collective turned to Siluh Records, co-founded by actor and musician Robert Stadlober. The record label is where Peter T. previously called home during the Sex Jams years. And the rest, as they say, was history.

Music of Euroteuro

The collective released a couple of singles before releasing its first proper album: 2018’s Volume 1. With no consistent lead singer, there is a certain excitement and unpredictability as you listen and encounter each song. You never quite know what to expect.

And with each song, you get pulled in deeper by the buzzing guitar riffs and synths. The grungy “Mensch” effectively addresses immigration and human rights head-on. The album also includes “Autogrill,” a light and easy synth track that floats by.

Euroteuro returned for more with 2021’s Volume II. Following the introduction we received to Euroteuro on their debut, the collective continues to explore some of their ideas and sounds further. As a whole, there is a bit more minimalism with Volume II as well as plenty of ’80s new wave influences blended with indie rock. But there are definite moments of indulgence and flair where the musicians go all in on a concept.

“Franzi” finds inspiration in XTC’s “Making Plans for Nigel” and repurposes the track’s melody. “Purple Susi” is a party accented by horns and keys while quick guitar riffs create texture. But on the completely opposite end of the spectrum is the closing track “Bla bla bla,” a light and clean track that you cannot help but bop along to.

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Top photo by Christian Benesch, courtesy of Siluh Records. This post contains affiliate links.

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