Learn German with the music of pop singer Lotte!

Learn German with Music of Lotte

So many of today’s female pop singers do not have it easy. They often use (or need) provocative costumes and lyrics to grab attention. Or they have to show off with overly technical vocal runs to win over listeners. But German singer Lotte has a far more honest approach. She simply does not need the gimmicks. With a voice that is often delicate and breathy but still strong and increasingly confident, she has made her mark in the German language music scene. But it need not be limited to only the German-speaking world.

This month, it is time to get to know this rising star. Let’s learn German with the music of Lotte!

Get to Know Lotte

Lotte is the nickname and stage name of Charlotte Rezbach. She was born July 14, 1995, in Ravensburg, Germany. Rezbach became involved with music from a young age. She started taking guitar, piano, violin, and voice lessons as a child. When she was thirteen years old, she wrote her first song.

While her passion was music, she continued to pursue her formal education. After completing her Abitur, she moved to Innsbruck, Austria, to study philosophy.

But before long, Lotte’s music career was starting to take off. In 2016, she posted videos of her songs on YouTube and performed as a support act at music festivals. The following year, she signed a record contract with Columbia Records Deutschland.

She has also made her mark by appearing on German television shows, like Dein Song and Sing meinen Song.

The Music of Lotte

2017’s Querfeldein is Lotte’s debut full-length album. The uplifting album is simple and straightforward — a difficult combination to pull off successfully. There are no vocal acrobatics or showy moments. Instead, the tracks offer safe but likable melodies like “Auf Dich.” Midway through the album, she finds her feet. “Anders als geplant” starts minimally but expands to fill the space with a racing pace and touches of falsetto.

Two years later, Lotte followed it up with 2019’s Glück. Where Querfeldein was careful and, at times, restrained, its successor comes out swinging with bigger melodies and instrumentation. The breathy vocals of the opening track “1995” invite listeners in while the rhythmic and poppy “Auf das, was da noch kommt” features a duet with Max Giesinger.

On her third album, 2002’s Woran hältst Du dich fest, wenn alles zerbricht?, the delicate Lotte of earlier is but a mere memory. In her place is a strong, confident, and modern pop singer. The album is dominated by big and bold sounds. Disco influences drive the dance-worthy track “Lass die Musik an.” But when her power remains even when the instrumentation is stripped away. The guitar and vocals ballad “Angekommen, vielleicht” lets her shine and shows her real talent.

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