Learn German with the films of Florian David Fitz!

Learn German with Films of Florian David Fitz

Munich-born Florian David Fitz is best known as an actor, having starred in productions on both the big and small screens. But he is a man of many talents. Fitz can also include experiences as a writer, director, and producer on his resume. Having gotten his start in musical theater, Fitz seems able to do it all. Today he seems as comfortable in a serious and heartbreaking drama as in a goofy comedy.

So if you are not already familiar with his films, now is the time. Learn German with the films of
Florian David Fitz!

Get to Know Florian David Fitz

Fitz was born Florian Ingo Ulrich Fitz on November 20, 1974, in Munich, Germany. His family is noted for its artists, going back to actors and musicians in the 19th century.

After completing his Abitur in Munich, Fitz moved to the United States where he studied acting and singing at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. After a year in New York City, he toured Europe as part of a production of The Rocky Horror Show. He continued working in the theater in Berlin and Munich.

His first on-screen role came with an appearance on Der Bulle von Tölz in 2000.

Learn German with the film Vincent will Meer starring Florian David Fitz.

Vincent will Meer (Vincent Wants to Sea)

In addition to starring in 2010’s Vincent will Meer (called Vincent Wants to Sea in English), the film is also Fitz’s screenwriting debut.

Fitz stars as the title character, a young man suffering from Tourette’s syndrome. After his mother dies and Vincent breaks out of a psychiatric clinic, he and some friends (including the Karoline Herfurth) travel across Europe in order to scatter her ashes. The trip gives them all an opportunity to reflect on their relationships with each other.

Learn German with the film Hin und Weg starring Florian David Fitz.

Hin und weg (Tour de Force)

After a diagnosis with ALS — better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease — Hannes (portrayed by Fitz) embarks on a cycling trip to Belgium with a group of his close friends. It is a trip that the group makes each year and looks forward to. But this year, it is different. Hannes’ friends are not aware of his illness or the fact that he intends to end his life via assisted suicide after the trip. Hin und weg, from 2014, is an emotional drama-slash-comedy film.

Learn German with the film 100 Dinge starring Florian David Fitz.

100 Dinge (100 Things)

Fitz directed, wrote, co-produced, and co-starred with Matthias Schweighöfer in the 2018 comedy 100 Dinge (or 100 Things). Schweighöfer and Fitz portray best friends Toni and Paul who love the conveniences of modern life. The pair agree to a 100-day challenge to see who can go longer without material items. They give up all of their items and can regain one item each day. The experience helps the friends to realize there is more to life than things.

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