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German Film: Florian David Fitz

Munich-born Florian David Fitz is best known as an actor, having starred in productions on both the big and small screens. For three seasons he appeared as Dr. Marc Olivier Meier on Doctor’s Diary. Around that same time he appeared alongside German mega movie star Til Schweiger as one of the leads in Männerherzen and its sequel Männerherzen 2. But what you may not know is that he is also a screenwriter and a director. Get to know Florian David Fitz and practice your German language skills with his films Hin und weg, Jesus liebt mich and Vincent will Meer.

Hin und weg

hin und weg

After a diagnosis with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), Hannes (portrayed by Fitz) embarks on a cycling trip to Belgium with a group of his close friends. But his friends are not aware of his illness or the fact that he intends to end his life via assisted suicide after the trip. Hin und weg, from 2014, is an emotional drama-slash-comedy film.

Jesus liebt mich

jesus liebt mich

Fitz wrote, directed and starred in the comedy Jesus liebt mich (Jesus loves me). In the film, Fitz stars as Jeshua aka Jesus, returning to Earth in preparation for the apocalypse. During his time back on Earth, he becomes romantically involved with Marie, portrayed by Jessica Schwarz, after her engagement ends. The film was Fitz’s directorial debut.

Vincent will Meer

vincent will meer

In Vincent will Meer (called Vincent Wants to Sea in English), Vincent (portrayed by Florian David Fitz, who also wrote the film) is a young man suffering from Tourette’s syndrome. After his mother dies and Vincent breaks out of a psychiatric clinic, he and some friends (including the Reverberations’ German Film featured Karoline Herfurth) travel across Europe in order to scatter her ashes.

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Top photo from Fitz’s official Facebook page. Hin und weg photo by Mathias Bothor / Majestic.

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