Learning Everyday: German Word of the Day

I’m the first to admit I am no expert on the German language. But I’ve been working hard on learning the language. I thought this blog would be the perfect place, from time to time, to share some of my lessons learned — as I do with the baking and cooking — on language learning.

Recently I went looking for a service I could subscribe to and get a new German word everyday. What a great way to learn a little at a time, right? Deutsche Welle has a great page on Facebook and Twitter where they post new words each day. As does the BBC. But the BBC’s is awful simple (today’s word: sonnig. Really? That’s it?) and sometimes the DW words are too difficult (which is probably because they give the words AND their definitions in German). I couldn’t find a good intermediate level word of the day site.

So, I started one. Check it out, bookmark it if you’re interested and let me know your thoughts. Again, I’m no expert but I’ve really been enjoying learning!

German Word of the Day

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