When The Moon Hits Your Eye: NY Style Pizza

I’m going to blame my pizza pickiness on the fact that I’m from the Mid-Atlantic region (we won’t even get into my general food pickiness). I won’t eat deep dish (with the exception of tomato pie). I won’t eat toppings other than cheese and pepperoni. I don’t like a pizza that’s too cheesy. I don’t like the thin, cracker crust.

For me, a good pizza is thin but kind of doughy. That’s all. Is that too much to ask?

Over the weekend I decided I wanted to try making pizza at home and found a recipe for NY Style Pizza. The photos of the pizza looked super authentic to the kind of pizza I’m used to. I was immediately sold.

What’s interesting about the recipe is that the author specifically uses a food processor instead of a mixer. I followed suit and whipped up a batch yesterday in my food processor. I froze two-thirds of the dough and left the other third in the fridge for tonight’s dinner.

Besides the fact that we had a bit of a pizza problem (apparently parchment paper can only stand up to 420 degrees. Who knew? Luckily we figured it out real quick but transferring from the parchment to the tray kind of scrambled things.) the pizza looked OK and it didn’t taste bad. But that’s just the problem. The dough didn’t especially taste of anything. It barely tasted of flour, yeast or bread in general. That’s the part that disappoints me the most.

Well, I have 2 more balls of pizza dough to try another day. The worst part: after having made a pizza at home I couldn’t help but consider ordering out for a real pizza.

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