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Deutsches Museum
Complex Magazine recently published an article listing the “100 Museums to Visit Before You Die.” Besides being horrified that I’d only been to about three of them, I was left scratching my head. While some looked really neat, others weren’t quite so exciting. At least to me. And where were all the wonderful museums I’ve been to and loved? Perhaps the most notable museum that I’ve been to that wasn’t on the list is the Deutsches Museum.

The Deutsches Museum, located in Munich, Germany, is the largest museum of science and technology in the world. From airplanes to ships, from musical instruments to ham radios, from chemistry to astronomy, the Deutsches Museum has it all. Really. The museum is laid out in a fun way. You’ll be climbing spiral staircases into boats and peeking into countless engines. Plus there are surprises everywhere. During our visit, we walked into the musical instruments section only to find a young girl playing a beautiful song on a massive pipe organ. It was certainly unexpected.

Now, admittedly, the Deutsches Museum isn’t bright and shiny. There are some features with brand new technology that the kids will love, but some of the exhibits can seem a little outdated. It’s also worth noting that some exhibits will be more “modern” than others as they’re currently in the midst of piecemeal renovations. The amateur radio exhibit was closed when we visited but, according to the museum’s website, appears to now be open. Similarly, many of the descriptions in the exhibits are only in German and may frighten off foreign visitors. But it’s important to get over both hurdles because neither damages the quality of the exhibits and the pieces that are on display.

Although we didn’t get a chance during our visit to see it, it’s worth mentioning that the Deutsches Museum also has a separate Mobility and Transportation Museum that was highly recommended to us.

My advice for your trip to the Deutsches Museum is get there early and wear comfortable shoes. Because you won’t be leaving anytime soon.

Airplane at the Deutsches Museum

Wright Flyer at the Deutsches

The photo of the Deutsches Museum above is credited to the museum. The photos of the airplanes were taken by me.

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