Hot rods drag racing

Nostalgia Nationals at Beaver Springs Dragway

En route to New Castle, we made a stop at Beaver Springs Dragway for their Nostalgia Nationals weekend. What can I say, my husband’s an old car guy. Nestled seemingly in the middle of Nowhere, Pennsylvania, the dragway was host to a small car show and, what else, drag races.

Unfortunately it was hot. Really hot. And with no shade from the sun in sight, we didn’t stay as long as we would have liked. But we got a chance to see a number of hot rods racing. A few of those cars were able to get up to speed so quickly off the starting line that their front wheels left the ground. Some even have bars on the back to keep them from flipping if and when they did leave the ground. Many of the hot rods that were racing also had really fancy paint jobs.

There was also a car show with a number of old cars on display.

My husband seemed to think they had a good turnout, especially considering that the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals were the same weekend.

Hot rods drag racing

Car at Beaver Springs Nostalgia Nationals

Pontiac hood ornament

Inside a hot rod

Car show at Nostalgia Nationals at Beaver Springs

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