Recommitting to Myself in 2014

While I’m not sure I believe in having my own bucket lists or setting New Year’s resolution for myself I realized recently that I have been falling off. I have been neglecting certain things that are important to me and it is time to recommit. Believe me, I’m the least likely person to go looking for personal inspiration. But it’s so easy to fall into a lull or think my actions aren’t making a difference. So recharge, reinvest and recommit!

Recommitting to Learning German

After taking a correspondence course last year I watched my hard work go down hill. And fast. I need to reinvest in all the forward steps I’ve made – even when I feel like I haven’t – and work harder. With a trip to Germany loosely penciled in for 2015 (fingers crossed!), I need to get my act together! Time to watch more videos and listen to the radio more.

Recommitting to Blogging

I got so busy late last year pursuing a new business opportunity plus working extra hours at my day job. I had no time for anything other than work. There were so many weekends that I was busy. These factors contributed to me posting fewer entries. Plus, sometimes it’s difficult just knowing what to post at all. I need to refresh and reinvent. Get inspired! And while we’re at it, I need to learn to use that new camera I’ve been complaining I hate because I already knew how to use my old one.

Recommitting to Business

I need to keep working hard and work even harder on the projects I’ve got going. My strategy has always been to have a few small things going in — and that makes it much more difficult. When you work on projects, it’s easy to get discouraged when things don’t happen as quickly as you may like. Why isn’t it succeeding now? I need to buckle down and keep at it. I want to create my own success.

What are you recommitting to this year?

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