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Returning to German Lessons, Part 3

After nine writing assignments and approximately six months, I have completed my German lessons! I took a correspondence course with the Goethe-Institut for writing training. It was generally a good experience overall and something I’m glad that I did. But there were little things that frustrated me.

Returning to German Lessons, Part 2

I’m halfway done with my return to formal German lessons. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Of my nine assignments, I’ve completed four. (OK, not technically halfway done but that’s about as good as it gets.) For the most part, my experience with Goethe Institute’s Besser Deutsch program has been really positive.

German Language News

I’ve been highlighting practicing listening skills with videos and radio. Now I’d like to focus on practicing those all important reading skills with some German language news and magazines. There are lots of German language newspapers and magazines available online for free. Each publication is going to be a different level of difficulty so it …

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German Book Review: Stuckrad-Barre’s Auch Deutsche unter den Opfern

I’m no German language expert — far, far from it — but I have been seeing a large response to my posts sharing my experiences learning German. So I’ve decided to start a new “feature” reviewing the German language books I read, which are as much for pleasure as they are for language practice. This …

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Update: All Yeast Is Not Created Equal…

Earlier this week I blogged about my run ins with active dry yeast. I decided to do an experiment to see if merely increasing the amount of active dry yeast would give the same results as using a smaller amount of instant yeast.