Streaming German Language TV

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Streaming German Language TV
Sometimes it’s hard to believe what you can access on the internet. I consider sometimes how much more difficult my quest to learn German could have been if I’d taken it seriously back in high school. But today, there’s so much available. Many of the German (and Austrian and Swiss) television stations offer free streams or access to videos on-demand on their websites. I take advantage of these free services regularly for streaming German language TV.

Admittedly, sometimes you won’t be able to watch a specific show or even an entire channel due to where you’re trying to watch from. But in the cases that there aren’t any geographic limitations, it’s awesome. I wanted to continue sharing my little “secrets” for practicing German. Here’s a collection of German language TV stations that have online streaming.

Some of these stations offer live streaming, others offer on-demand streaming of already aired programs and still others offer a mix of both.

It’s also worth noting that many of these stations are now offering free apps for your smartphone that include free streaming.

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Streaming German TV

Streaming Austrian TV

Streaming Swiss TV

Streaming German Language TV

I seem to find myself watching ZDF a lot. Do you have a favorite where you’re streaming German language TV? Share it below or any stations I may have missed.

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