Wallpaper for the Walls

Duro wallpaper
Although we’ve been moving at what seems like a snail’s pace in the home DIY department we made another inch forward this week. We ordered wallpaper!

Wallpaper seems to be a divisive topic. Either you love it or you hate it. And after buying a home covered in wallpaper that was then painted over in some spots, it certainly isn’t my favorite thing in the world. Oh how many hours have we spent removing the darned stuff?! But we’re going to give it a shot and do an accent wall in the room we’re making the library.

It took us months (or was it years?) to find a paper that we both liked for the space. We finally agreed on the Swedish brand Duro. The style we picked is called Löväng, which apparently translates to “worship music” in English. It’s from the brand’s collection of old Swedish wallpapers and borders from the Rococo period to the 1920s created by the skills of craftsmen.

I can’t wait to see the paper on our wall. We’re getting the brown version of the paper shown in the photo above.

Where do you stand on the ever controversial wallpaper? Love it or hate it?

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