Close up of the Jordy Hadessa Waldlaufer boots.

Waldlaufer Boots for Comfy, Cute Winter Travel

If there is one thing that I have learned over the last couple of years it is that Waldlaufer makes great boots. Sure, they make nice sneakers, too, and no matter what the style it’s comfortable and well-made in a way that’s difficult to find these days. But for the perfect winter travel boots, Waldlaufer is my go-to. The German shoe brand sent me a pair of their Jordy Hadessa and, quite frankly, I don’t want to take them off. These Waldlaufer boots are the most versatile for winter travel.

Exploring the dog-friendly sand dunes of Jockey's Ridge State Park in Waldlaufer Jordy Hadessa boots.

Get to Know Waldlaufer

Waldlaufer may be a new name to you but there is a long history. Based in western Germany, just outside of Frankfurt, the company has nearly sixty years of experience hand-making shoes. They focus on making comfortable shoes that are lightweight, stylish, and functional. And in doing so they use environmental and sustainable technologies. The shoes are simply high quality and long-lasting.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to try a variety of styles and shoes from Waldlaufer. But for my personal style, it’s the nubuck boots that capture my heart. For a start, they’re simply cute. I’ve gotten so many compliments that I’m no longer surprised when someone notices them. But they’re also warm, waterproof, and very durable.

Exploring the sand dunes of Jockey's Ridge State Park in Waldlaufer Jordy Hadessa boots.

Get to Know the Jordy Hadessa Boots

With these Jordy Hadessa boots, I can transition from city travel to snowstorm without lifting a finger or having to pack an additional pair of shoes. The Waldlaufer boots are so fashionable that they don’t look overwhelmingly like snow boots yet offer the same benefits. Outside, they’re super soft carbon grey nubuck and inside they’re lined with warm faux fur.

The pale color does mean that they show dirt relatively easily, but I had no issues cleaning them up with a damp cloth. Problem solved. Each boot features two zippers — one functional for easy on-off and a second that’s purely ornamental for a little edgy decoration. There are other little touches, like a pop of red, to brighten them up. And for additional waterproofing, there is a bit of lining behind the zipper.

Exploring the sand dunes of Jockey's Ridge State Park in Waldlaufer boots.

Travel with Waldlaufer Boots

With no snow in the foreseeable future in the Philly area, I took the boots with me for a trial run in the Outer Banks. No snow but plenty of sand. First, my husband and I took the dog for a hike at Jockey’s Ridge State Park before leaving George (the dog) for a nap and heading to Historic Corolla Village.

For the unfamiliar, Jockey’s Ridge is home to the eastern United States’ tallest active sand dune. The more than 400-acre park is a veritable desert containing a variety of ecosystems and bordering on the Roanoke Sound.

Remarkably, the boots kept the sand out even with hiking up and down the dunes. Plus the somewhat wider shoe helped provide much-needed balance. It offered a good idea of how stable the boots would be in snow, too.

Walking through the wooded ecosystem at Jockey's Ridge State Park.

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Thank you to Waldlaufer! All opinions, as well as all photos, are my own.

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