Waldlaufer India H Clara silver knit stretch sneakers.

Waldlaufer’s Comfy Sneakers for Summer Travel

Spring is in the air and summer travel plans are quickly coming together! So, of course, I turned to the new spring/summer line of Waldlaufer shoes to find some comfortable walking shoes that also have personality and style. I was lucky enough that Waldlaufer sent me a pair of their knit India sneakers to try. For their first spin, I took the sneakers out to a tulip festival.

Examining one of the beautiful yellow tulips at Holland Ridge Farms Tulip Festival.

Top view of the Waldlaufer India H Clara silver knit stretch sneakers.

Well-Made, Made To Last

Over the last couple of years, I’ve become a Waldlaufer convert. The German brand has gotten me through a half a foot of snow in Montreal and kept me from looking too casual on day trips to museums and gardens without compromising on comfort. And those red nubuck booties are a real mainstay of my wardrobe. They are shoes that are well-made and made to last.

Taking Waldlaufer India Knit Sneakers For A Spin

These new India knit sneakers caught my eye for a few reasons. First, I love how effortless they are. The fixed laces make them incredibly easy. Slip them off for a walk on the beach or just lounging around the house. Then easily slip them back on for some urban exploring. The breathable knit fabric keeps them light in weight and from getting too warm. Plus the silver touches on the fabric add a really lovely, understated detail. The sneakers have design without being over-designed.

And, of course, because these are Waldlaufer shoes they’re really comfortable and don’t need to be broken in. The Orthotritt inner soles are the real heroes when it comes to comfort. I did find the inner soles made the shoes a little too shallow for me; it felt as if I could walk out of them. But it’s easy to remove the inner soles and then put them back in.

I have to admit that wearing the sneakers to the tulip festival did make me a little nervous. It was a particularly windy day and dust was blowing everywhere. But to my surprise, the sneakers stayed white. Talk about impressive!

Holland Ridge Farms Tulip Festival transports visitors to the Netherlands with bikes and tulips.

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Thank you to Waldlaufer! All opinions, as well as all photos, are my own.

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