Stepping out in a pair of Waldlaufer Mica Herne sneakers.

Stepping Out in Waldlaufer Mica Herne Sneakers

After partnering with Waldlaufer last year, I wore those cute red Dede Holma boots all fall and winter. I wore them to run errands. I wore them on weekend day trips. They kept my toes comfy, dry and warm as I spent a March week in Munich that saw snow every single day and sub-zero temperatures. And they got me quite a few compliments in the process! So when the folks at Waldlaufer reached out again, I knew I couldn’t say no. I was excited to see what the brand had lined up in terms of styles for spring and summer. And I wasn’t disappointed. This time I tried the casual and versatile Mica Herne style.

Get to Know Waldlaufer

For those of you that missed posts on the Dede Holma and Camile boots or need a refresher, let me introduce Waldlaufer. This German shoe brand has nearly sixty years of experience and focus on making comfortable shoes that are lightweight, stylish and functional. As if that’s not enough, they also use environmental and sustainable technologies.

Out to breakfast at the Malvern Buttery in a pair of Waldlaufer Mica Herne sneakers.

Close up of stepping out in a pair of Waldlaufer Mica Herne sneakers.

Stepping Out in Waldlaufer’s Mica Herne Shoes

I wore the Mica Herne sneakers out for a day trip date with my husband. First we had a breakfast of freshly baked pastries and tea/coffee at the Malvern Buttery. Afterwards we headed for a visit to Mt. Cuba Center just outside Wilmington, Delaware. The sneakers were super comfortable for exploring the acres of native plant gardens.

The Mica Herne shoes are lightweight which makes them even more comfortable. Even though the style is narrow, they don’t feel tight. There is still plenty of room for your toes. They’re also extremely well made and feel high-end, as you would expect from Waldlaufer. I usually wear a lot of black but I really like the taupe color. The color makes them feel a little less casual and a little more elevated. And check out the white gem-like shaping on the soles. All of the little details like that that make the shoes more fun. I really liked being able to go out and still wear sneakers but that weren’t too casual.

At the end of the day, I value comfort and practicality over looks. When it comes to shoes, this means healthier feet and a happier me. It also usually means more energy to go, go, go. But these taupe sneakers really speak my language by being both stylish and comfy. They look smart — not like athletic shoes with branding all over them or mesh fabric details. And because they are so stylish they’re perfect for travel. Last minute decision to dine in a nicer restaurant on vacation but didn’t bring your “good” shoes? Not a problem. These ones will blend right in.

Simple and understated is something that everyone wants but it’s a lot harder to achieve than you think. With the Mica Herne shoes, Waldlaufer make it look easy but add classy and stylish to the mix.

German shoe brand Waldlaufer make stylish and comfortable shoes perfect for travel and everyday. Review of Waldlaufer's Mica Herne sneakers. #review #travel #shoes

Thank you to Waldlaufer! All opinions, as well as all photos, are my own.

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