Waldlaufer's Camile booties.

Waldlaufer’s Camile Booties Perfect for Winter Travel

Finding the right shoes for winter travel can be challenging but I’ve found the answer is Waldlaufer‘s new Camile patent leather booties. I became a big fan of Waldlaufer after trying their sneakers and booties. Not only are they comfortable but they’re also extremely well made. I was lucky enough to take the German brand’s Camile booties with me on a long weekend getaway in November to Montreal, Canada. Not only did the booties keep my toes warm and dry in five inches of snow, but I was comfortable for a full day out and about exploring the waterfront at the Port of Montreal and Old Montreal, the city’s historic old city.

Get to Know Waldlaufer

If you missed my posts on the Dede Holma boots or Mica Herne sneakers, let me provide a quick introduction to Waldlaufer. This shoe brand from western Germany, just outside of Frankfurt, has nearly sixty years of experience hand-making shoes. They focus on making comfortable shoes that are lightweight, stylish and functional. As if that’s not enough, they also use environmental and sustainable technologies. The shoes are simply high quality and long-lasting.

Waldlaufer's Camile booties on a winter weekend getaway to Montreal, Canada.

Traveling with Waldlaufer’s Camile Patent Leather Booties

Whether you’re at home, traveling or trying to get to work, a snow day is never easy. But I think the Camile bootie is great in the snow. While I certainly wouldn’t advise shoveling your driveway or sidewalk in the Camile, it was really ideal for a day of sightseeing in Montreal. Not once were my feet cold — and I wasn’t even wearing thick winter socks. Nor did the booties ever get soaked through or even very wet. My husband contended with wet sneakers, going out of his way to avoid puddles and some slippery spots. I, on the other hand, had no issues. The Camile’s thick soles helped me avoid sliding, too. I wasn’t expecting the Camile booties to be so effortless in the snow but they kept me worry-free about the weather without sacrificing style. I was able to stand out with shoes that were distinct and different than any others I saw. And how’s this for practical: any of that snow and salt that accumulated on the shoe I was able to easily wipe right off.

Close up of Waldlaufer Camile booties.

Waldlaufer’s Stylish Camile Boot

As much as I try to break out of my comfort zone, I always end up back there. And, you know what? I don’t feel bad about it! That’s how I ended up with Waldlaufer’s new Camile patent leather booties. I love the all-black and grey styling with hints of shiny, sparkly accents across the toe, heel, and along the lacings. I love that it looks a little tough, hinting at a combat boot. But the details of the quilted stitching on the sides make it a little more feminine. As always with Waldlaufer, it’s the little details that give the shoe personality and character that you can’t find elsewhere.

The lacings allow you to ensure the fit is right just for you. Meanwhile, the side zipper lets you know you won’t spend hours getting in and out of the boots.

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German shoe brand Waldlaufer make stylish and comfortable shoes perfect for travel and everyday. Review of Waldlaufer Camile booties. #review #travel #shoes

Thank you to Waldlaufer! All opinions, as well as all photos, are my own.

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