With this Austrian gift guide, treat someone special with an inspired or made in Austria gift!

Austrian Gift Guide

If you’re looking for something special for someone hard to shop for, this Austrian gift guide might just be for you. For centuries Austria, and especially its capital of Vienna, has been a center of culture and politics. It’s the birthplace of Mozart and Klimt, not to mention where plenty of delicious sweets were first concocted. Whether you’re looking to wow someone special with something refined or create a sense of nostalgia recalling a trip that once was, check out this made in and inspired by Austrian gift guide!


Any Austrian tourist is familiar with the Mozartkugel. The bonbon, whose wrapper is emblazoned with its famous musician namesake, is everywhere you look at airports and downtown shopping areas. Created in the late 1800s by Paul F├╝rst in Salzburg, the candy has a pistachio marzipan core surrounded by nougat and then coated in dark chocolate. A box of these delectable candies is sure to win over anyone with a sweet tooth!

Available from Amazon: Mirabell Mozartkugeln Assorted Gift Box


In the first half of the 1800s, Franz Sacher was a teenage apprentice to the chef of the chancellor. While his boss was ill one day, he was asked to create a new dessert for the chancellor. Or so the legend goes. Sachertorte is a dense chocolate cake comprised of two spongecakes separated by a layer of apricot jam and then covered in a rich layer of chocolate. It’s decadent and delicious. Who could pass up this specialty?

Available from Nieman Marcus Sachertorte


Give a gift that really sparkles and shines with something special from Austrian company Swarovski. While you could easily gift an impressive watch or a fantastic piece of jewelry from the luxury brand, a thoughtful keepsake will really deliver the personal touch.

Available from Swarovski: Enchanted Rose


For centuries, Austria has been a center of arts and culture. That continues to this very day. Celebrate Austrian music with these selections for all musical tastes. For those with classical preferences, consider the ultimate collection of Mozart. Or, enjoy a modern classic like the brash and bold pop-rock of Falco. For music fans who like to have their finger on the pulse of young new bands, check out singer-songwriter Der Nino aus Wien.

Available from Amazon: Mozart Complete Edition, Falco – Greatest Hits, Der Nino aus Wien – Immer noch besser als Spinat

Stefan Zweig

At one time, Austrian-born author Stefan Zweig was one of the most famous writers in the world. His works were some of the most translated around the globe. Gift the bookworm in your life this collection of Zweig’s popular novellas: Burning Secret, A Chess Story, Fear, Confusion, Journey into the Past.

Available from Amazon: The Collected Novellas of Stefan Zweig

Zotter Chocolate

While so many things from Austria are centuries old, Zotter Schokoladen Manufactur has been around only a few decades. The organic and Fair Trade chocolate makers may be relatively new but they are making an impact with their fun and unique flavor combinations. Not so adventurous? They have classic favorites, too. But it’s worth trying one of each…just to be safe!

Available from Murray’s Cheese: Zotter Chocolates Dark Chocolate Mousse, Zotter Chocolates Scotch Whiskey

Riedel Glassware

Based in Kufstein, Austria, Riedel is the oldest family-owned and operated crystal and glass manufacturer in the world. You may know them for their popular stemware and other drinking glasses. Say Prost with someone special and give the gift of glassware.

Available from Amazon: Riedel Cold Drinks Glassware and Decanter Set

Demmers Teehaus

Andrew Demmer founded his namesake tea company in 1981 in Vienna. Demmers Teehaus has since spread across Europe. The tea shop has a large number of Austrian-inspired blends. Their Salzburg blend is an Earl Grey that’s packaged in a lovely gift-worthy metal tin.

Available from Austrian Supermarket: Demmers Tea Salzburg

Julius Meinl Vienna Collection Coffee Beans

Viennese coffee house culture is internationally recognized as something special. A place to enjoy coffee, tea, and treats while catching up with friends or reading the daily newspaper. Experience the coffee house culture from the comfort of your home with Julius Meinl’s Vienna collection of coffee beans. Don’t forget to include a glass of water with your coffee!

Available from Amazon: Meinl Vienna Collection

Paper Republic Notebook

If you’re looking for a really thoughtful and considerate gift, consider a Paper Republic notebook. The handmade-in-Austria Grand Voyageur XL notebook is refillable with a smart leather cover. Your gift recipient can keep notes, a diary, or whatever strikes his or her fancy!

Available from Topdrawer: Paper Republic Grand Voyageur XL


In the way that Irn Bru is the unofficial soft drink of Scotland, and Coca-Cola is the soft drink of the United States, Almdudler is the soft drink of Austria. The lemonade can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with beer or wine. For anyone who loves Almdudler, this would be a great gift that is sure to bring back some special memories!

Available from Amazon: Almdudler

Staud’s Vienna Preserves

Staud’s Vienna started as a family-owned fruit and vegetable stand in the 1880s is today a renowned company with hundreds of varieties of preserves, jams, and delicacies. Impress your someone special with preserves in a unique flavor they may not get to try every day. Not until they receive your gift, at least!

Available from Amazon: Staud’s Elderberry Plum Apple Preserves

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