German Food Box delivers a taste of Germany to you at home.

German Food Box Brings German Cuisine to Your Doorstep

I’ve always found that one of the best parts of traveling is coming home and recreating the dishes you had abroad. I’ve tried mixing my own Spezi and my own Apfelschorle. But it’s never quite the same. I’ve made special trips to a German grocery store in Philadelphia. But that’s time consuming. When I heard about the German Food Box subscription service I was really interested and excited. German food has been underrated for far too long, if you ask me.

The May 2017 box from German Food Box is full of delicious items!

German Food Box the Food Subscription Service

Subscription services are all the rage right now and it’s easy to see why. The convenience of having a box delivered to your home. The excitement of getting something fun in the mail. The anticipation of not knowing exactly what you’re receiving until you open the box. Maybe you just like international cuisine or German food, specifically. Or simply trying new things.

German Food Box is a food subscription service. Each month they deliver a box of German foods for you to enjoy. The box contains of variety of items plus a recipe for a German specialty.

A recipe for Black Forest Cake and butter cookies are in the May 2017 German Food Box.

So What’s Inside? German Food Box May 2017 Review

When the May 2017 box showed up in my mailbox I was surprised by how heavy it was. Inside I found quite a lot! My German Food Box included an English language recipe card for Schwarzwald Kirschtorte (or Black Forest Cake).

It also contained a jar of Bavarian mustard, a loaf of rye bread, two Knorr mixes: one for Grießklößchen soup and another is an instant Currywurst ketchup, as well as a bottle of curry-seasoned ketchup, fruit jellies, and Bahlsen butter cookies. Don’t know any German? No problem. The mixes have stickers on them with instructions in English.

While the items aren’t coordinated together or sharing any kind of “theme,” it is a nice variety of groceries. The box certainly contains something to suit everyone in your household. It’s also, quite simply, a lot of food. The condiments alone will last a while. And if you can’t get these groceries in the international section of your local market, it’s also good value for money. Not to mention that all of the food is quite good! But with a cohesive theme for the boxes it would all come together a bit better.

German Food Box reminds us there’s more to German cuisine than the stereotypes that grace tables at Oktoberfest.

But just remember: Bier sold separately.

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Making Knorr's Grießklößchen Suppe with German Food Box.

Fruity Mix from the May 2017 German Food Box.

German Food Box generously provided me with the box for review. All opinions and photos are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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