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In all likelihood you are probably a far cooler person than I am. It is just the way it is. So you probably need some hipper music suggestions with which to practice your skills listening to German. I have highlighted a few younger, cooler bands. Take, for example, Austrian pop rockers Bilderbuch or the high energy Berlin-based Mega! Mega!. Another hip young band that is rather popular in the German speaking world right now is Kraftklub.

The Chemnitz-based band — made up of brothers Felix and Till Brummer, Karl Schumann, Max Marschk, Steffen Israel — released “Mit K,” their debut full-length album, in 2012. They have since followed that up with the release of their sophomore album, “Schüsse in die Luft,” in 2014. They’re clearly doing something right as both albums went to #1 in the German music charts and were certified platinum (“Mit K”) and gold (“Schüsse in die Luft”) although the latter is still going.

Kraftklub’s music is a mainstream accessible mixture of rock and rap. Vocalist Felix’s delivery style is often one that’s more a syncopated spoken performance than true singing although not quite to the Lou Reed school of singing. What’s more, the group clearly do not take themselves or the politics of the music industry too seriously. Take their song “Unsere Fans” (included as the first video below) where Felix proclaims in the chorus, tongue firmly in cheek, that “Unsere Fans hab’ sich verändert/Unsere Fans hab’ sich verkauft/Unsere Fans sind jetzt mainstream” (“Our fans have changed/Our fans have sold out/Our fans are now mainstream”). They also feature a bear in the video for “Wie Ich” but that might be too obvious.

As the summer quickly approaches, so too does the festival season. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, be sure to check the band out on any of their summer tour dates and festival appearances. Assuming, you know, you like fun, partying and practicing German. I hear some people are into that.

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