Traveling, hiking or dog walking, the CabinZero backpack is super light-weight.

Review: CabinZero Classic Ultra-Lightweight Backpack

While everything seems to be high tech and digital these days, CabinZero backpacks prove that nothing can beat simple ideas and high-quality products. A few months ago my well-loved backpack decided it had had enough of our journeys. As I unpacked in Munich, everything I removed was covered in a sawdust-like material. The lining had dry rot. It was time for a new backpack. That’s where CabinZero’s classic ultra-lightweight 36L backpack comes in. I gave the bag a spin!

Close up of the CabinZero 36L Classic Ultra-Lightweight backpack.

About the Brand

Based in Britain, CabinZero was founded by Neil Varden. After traveling to India in the early 1990s, he was left with a bad taste in his mouth due to his luggage. Flight baggage rules that vary by airline, luggage that’s simply too heavy and burdensome for long-haul travel and bags that simply weren’t made well. So Varden decided to tackle the problem himself by creating the bag that he wanted and needed. It’s not surprising he isn’t the only one searching for that “dream” luggage.

The bags are also made in a socially responsible way. The company proudly states (as they should) that they do not use sweatshops. Further, they consider the environmental impact by making bags that are durable and will last as well as meeting European regulatory standards. It’s kind of a no-brainer but they are important factors to consider!

Showing off the side handle of the CabinZero 36L Classic Ultra-Lightweight backpack.

Trying out the CabinZero Classic 36L

I primarily use a backpack as my in-flight carry-on or my suitcase for quick trips. I need something with the potential to be spacious without being burdensome for me to handle. And, of course, I want a bag that’s well made. Bonus points if a backpack that looks cool because that is important, too.

That’s why I like CabinZero. Their ultra-lightweight backpacks come in a variety of sizes and colors. The 36L has thirty-six liters of storage space and is 17.3″ x 11.8″ x 7.9″. It’s a decent size that allows you to pack a few days clothes as well as your necessary gadgets.

And while the backpack is quite large, it doesn’t have to be. Side straps allow you to cinch in the durable canvas to offer up as much or as little space as you need. It’s a handy trick for airplane carry-ons. So is the handle on the bag’s side, allowing you to carry it like a briefcase. No longer will I be forced to kick my bag while getting on and off flights while using the handle mounted on the very top.

There are countless other features that will appeal to eager travelers: water-resistant fabric, a built-in Okoban travel tag to track your bag if it’s ever lost, lockable zippers, a ten year(!) warranty. But what I really love are the organization features. Countless pockets and pouches allow you to segregate and protect your belongings. Now I don’t have to worry about a Ritter Sport chocolate bar melting on vinyl LPs I buy from a second-hand shop!

CabinZero classic ultra-lightweight backpack is perfect for travelers, hikers or people simply on the go. Reviewing the CabinZero 36L backpack.

Thank you to CabinZero for providing the backpack for review. All opinions, as well as all photos, are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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