Germany's full of many holiday traditions. From handmade German Christmas decorations to delectable sweets, here are ideas for celebrating the season.

Festive German Christmas Decorations & Sweets

When it comes to the holidays, Germany is full of many wonderful traditions. They range from delectable sweets to festive and charming decorations. I have pulled together ten of the best German Christmas decorations and some of my favorite German holiday sweets to help you to create a festive atmosphere in your own home. While the intent is to bring joy to your home, many of these items make great gifts, too! Hopefully, this guide will help you spread some German Christmas cheer.

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Nuremberg-based Lebkuchen Schmidt is known not just in Germany but around the world for its delicious products. While they offer all sorts of food items, their specialty is in their name: Lebkuchen, or gingerbread. I would recommend trying their Festive Chest, which includes a sampler of different holiday favorites. There are Zimtsterne (cinnamon stars), Spekulatius (Speculoos), and several different kinds of gingerbread! The package comes in a lovely keepsake tin that makes it a great gift. (Or just get two and keep one for yourself!)

Available from Lebkuchen Schmidt: Festive Chest

Advent Calendar

As a child, every day in December was more exciting than the last. The reason? I had a door on my glitter-covered advent calendar to open. Little did I know then that there were advent calendars with chocolate in them! Milka is known for its chocolate treats. And what’s better than a daily dose of chocolate?

Available from Yummy Bazaar: Milka Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar

Christmas of Germany

Transport your family to a German Christmas market or holiday concert by setting the atmosphere with music. The Christmas in Germany music collection includes carols that, after a few listens, you’ll be singing along to. Queue this record up while you and your family are opening presents or enjoying your holiday meal.

Available from Amazon: Christmas in Germany

Niederegger Marzipan

Marzipan is an important Christmas sweet in many homes. And if you want the best, you should consider the family-owned Niederegger from Lübeck, Germany. They offer all sorts of magical marzipan creations to choose from but you can’t go wrong with a simple marzipan log coated in a layer of chocolate.

Available from Yummy Bazaar: Niederegger Marzipan

Nürnberger Christstollen

If you aren’t familiar with Stollen, then think of it as the German version of fruitcake. A bit more breadlike and dense, Stollen is available in all different sorts of varieties. You can get it with “extras” like marzipan, almonds, or rum. But you can’t beat the traditional Nürnberger Christstollen from Lebkuchen Schmidt!

Available from Lebkuchen Schmidt: Nürnberger Christstollen

Wood Pyramid German Christmas Decorations

The holiday pyramid is a wonder to watch. The wooden items feature multiple tiers with a propeller-like wheel on the top. Each tier features a motif, such as this one with angels and the nativity scene. And on the base, sit special candles. When lit, the candles drive the propeller atop of the pyramid, causing it to gently turn. This pyramid will make a lovely addition to any home’s collection of German Christmas decorations.

Available from Wayfair: 4 Tier Natural Wood Nativity Scene and Angels Pyramid

Handcrafted German Nutcracker

Based in Seiffen, Germany, the Müller Company has been carefully handcrafting wooden items since the 19th century. Among those special items, are the classic German Christmas decorations known as nutcrackers. Depicted in a number of different motives, many a throwback to the past. I think the chimney sweep, with his special cleaning brush, maybe my favorite. There is something so charming about a wooden nutcracker.

Available from Food52: Handcrafted German Nutcracker

Handcrafted German Smoker & Incense

Looking for more German Christmas decorations? Similar to a nutcracker these little Santa Claus-characters hold a little secret. Specially crafted to hold a small cone of incense, the smoke billows out of Santa’s mouth. These traditional wooden craft items date to the 19th century and are still bringing a lot of joy today.

Available from Food52: Handcrafted German Smoker & Incense

Handblown Glass German Christmas Ornaments

Nothing says Christmas like a beautiful evergreen tree dressed in sparkling handcrafted ornaments and twinkling lights. Since 1596, Müller-Blech has been a glassblowing family. And, today, they’re continuing to make hand-blown and hand-painted German Christmas ornaments in the Bavarian city of Neustadt bei Coburg for Inge-Glas. This very traditional St. Nikolaus ornament would look handsome on any tree.

Available from Amazon: Inge-Glas St. Nikolaus Blown Glass Ornament


As soon as it starts to get a little chilly outside, the signs start to appear across Germany. It’s Glühwein time! The mulled wine isn’t simply for the holidays, although it is popular at Christmas markets. You can sip a mug of the warm beverage as you shop for German Christmas ornaments. (You can never have too many! Run out of space? Simply get a larger tree.)

You’ll also find this warm spiced drink throughout the cold winter months. This Glühwein kit is from the German brand Meßmer but repackaged by Helen’s Own for English-speakers. With the mulled wine spice mix, you can brew your own Glühwein, with or without alcohol.

Available from Amazon: Glühwein

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