German Language Android Apps, Part 1

Television screenshot translating 'wack' for German viewers.

So far I’ve covered lots of ways to practice German online. There’s been streaming television, videos (some with subtitles) and radio. There’s been newspapers and magazines and online grammar and language resources. Now I wanted to take this a bit more mobile: apps. In this first part the focus is on general resources, games and video.

It seems like everyone and their Mutter has an app these days. It’s a great way to learn on the go or just when you’re not at your computer. As with all apps, they can be resource and data intensive so data charges could apply. Confirm with your mobile provider or go wifi.

One note, the listings below are all for Android as I don’t have an iPhone so I can’t make any recommendations. Likely most, if not all, of the suggested apps below are available for the iPhone. Next week part 2 will be posted with links to apps for news, radio and television/video.


  • Duolingo: The language learning website recently released an app for Android. Now you’ve got no excuses to avoid practicing.
  • It goes without saying you need a good dictionary. This is my pick. They also offer a premium version.


  • Angry Words : Play Scrabble in German with others.
  • A Mysterious Mission: This is one of two adventure games created by the Goethe-Institut. With both audio and written text, it offers good practice.
  • Adventure German: the second of Goethe-Institut’s adventure games and the older one. Game play and navigation can be a little clunky and unclear.

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