Goal! Visiting FC Bayern Erlebniswelt


Inside the FC Bayern Erlebniswelt museum.

Readers of the blog (Hi, Mom!) may think that FC Bayern Erlebniswelt sounds a little familiar. And they would be correct! I immediately added the museum for the German soccer/football/Fussball team to my Must See List after hearing about it a few years ago. It was one of the first stops we made on our recent trip to the Bavarian capital city Munich! If you’re a fan of the team or the Bundesliga, you will definitely want to make the pilgrimage.

Allianz Arena where FC Bayern plays in Munich, Germany.

About FC Bayern Erlebniswelt

FC Bayern Erlebniswelt — or FC Bayern Experience World — is a museum dedicated to everything that is FC Bayern München. The museum dedicates a lot of time and space to the club’s history. Before they were the largest, richest club in Germany — and much of European soccer — they were a small and struggling club. All that silverware the team has been winning over the decades? Much of it is on display as are some of those flags that the captains exchange at the beginning of each game. The museum also, of course, highlights the current team.

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FC Bayern Munich logo on the ceiling of the FCB Erlebniswelt.

Flags at the FC Bayern Erlebniswelt.

Fun, Hands-On Exhibits

Part of what makes FC Bayern Erlebniswelt a nice museum is that it’s extremely modern. Much of the second half of the museum includes touchscreen computers, life-size cutouts of the players (even Philip Lahm is taller than I am) and other features perfect for photo opportunities. There are lots of great photo opportunities and memories. The museum is ideal for kids of all ages. There were as many excited grown men as there were small children running around in Thomas Müller jerseys.

As a relatively new fan of the team, I wasn’t familiar with a lot of the club’s history. I’m also not sure I’d say I was particularly interested either. But it’s easy to read about what you’re interested in and browse through the museum to see what does interest you — love getting up close to all those trophies!

We also happened to be visiting during the museum’s special exhibit Kaiser. Kalle. Bomber. on three of the club’s greats: Franz Beckenbauer, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Gerd Müller. Although the special exhibit is on the small side, it offers a behind the scenes look that’s more personal. Private objects that belong to each of the men are on display. On the wall, a film plays of the men reminiscing with Thomas Müller. Some of the anecdotes are really funny, including one where Rummenigge recalls getting red carded in a game.

The museum staff is also very friendly and helpful. One gentleman, in particular, made sure we got a chance to see a film that the museum shows. He then asked how we enjoyed the museum as we were leaving.

Trophies at the FC Bayern Erlebniswelt.

Uli Hoeness star at FC Bayern Erlebniswelt.

Getting There

FC Bayern Erlebniswelt is located inside the always impressive Allianz Arena in the northern part of Munich. For those who have never been to the stadium before, wear comfortable shoes. It’s a bit of a walk to reach the stadium if coming by public transit.

While you’re there, you can also tour the stadium or do a little shopping at the team store. Super Bayern! Super Bayern! Hey! Hey!

FC Bayern fans rejoice! FC Bayern Erlebniswelt museum celebrates Germany's biggest soccer (football) team.

All photos, as well as all opinions, are my own.

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