FC Bayern Erlebniswelt Museum lets fans get up close to trophies.

Goal! Munich’s FC Bayern Erlebniswelt Museum

Fans of soccer (or football, if you prefer) flock to Munich to celebrate FC Bayern, Germany‘s most successful football club. Their home at the Allianz Arena on the edge of the city is a spectacular stadium with its seemingly puffy cloud-like exterior. There, you can experience the team in all their glory at FC Bayern Erlebniswelt Museum, seeing them in action (assuming you can get tickets to one of their frequently sold-out matches), or go for an Allianz Arena tour. Even casual fans will find the FC Bayern museum as a fun way to spend an afternoon while exploring Munich!

Trophies are display at the FC Bayern Museum in Munich.

About FC Bayern Erlebniswelt

Although FC Bayern Munich the team has been around since 1900, the FC Bayern Museum was only opened in 2012. FC Bayern Erlebniswelt, or “Experience World” in English, is inside of the Allianz Arena is more than 30,000 square feet of exhibition space. The team has won countless awards during their time and many of them are on display at the museum. But the museum is more than just a glorified award cabinet. It is a tribute to all of the players, managers, and others who have been associated with the team during their storied history. And it is a time capsule to all of those memories, games, wins, and, yes, losses that have shaped the team into what and who they are today.

Flags line a wall inside the FC Bayern Erlebniswelt Museum.

Fun, Hands-On Exhibits

Part of what makes FC Bayern Erlebniswelt a nice museum is that it’s extremely modern because it is still relatively new. Much of the museum includes touchscreen computers, life-size cutouts of the players (even Philip Lahm is taller than I am, by the way), and other features that are perfect for photo opportunities and interaction for children of all ages. (I couldn’t help but notice as many thrilled little boys in Thomas Müller jerseys as there were excited grown men. A love for FC Bayern is universal!)

The museum details the team’s history, starting at the very beginning. The text in English and Germany provides a history lesson and curated artifacts accompany them for you to examine. Perhaps the most impressive part is all of the trophies. It is really fun being able to get so close to the trophies and even being able to read what is engraved upon them.

The FC Bayern museum also hosts special exhibitions. During my visit to the museum, they were hosting a special exhibit called “Kaiser. Kalle. Bomber.” The exhibit pays tribute to three of the club’s all-time greats: Franz Beckenbauer, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, and Gerd Müller. Although the special exhibit is on the small side, it offers a behind the scenes look that’s more personal. Private objects that belong to each of the men are on display. On the wall, a film plays of the men reminiscing with Thomas Müller. Some of the anecdotes are really funny, including one where Rummenigge recalls getting red-carded in a game.

The museum staff is also very friendly and helpful. One gentleman, in particular, made sure my husband and I got a chance to see a film that the museum shows. When he saw us leaving, he remembered us and asked how we enjoyed the museum as we were leaving. Those little touches are what gives the experience a really personal feeling.

While you’re there, you can also take an Allianz Arena tour to experience the stadium. Or, you can do a little shopping at the team store. Super Bayern! Super Bayern! Hey! Hey!

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The Allianz Arena offers tours and houses the FC Bayern museum in addition to hosting games and concerts.

Getting to the FC Bayern Museum

FC Bayern Erlebniswelt is located inside the always impressive Allianz Arena in the northern part of Munich. For those who have never been to the stadium before, wear comfortable shoes. It’s a bit of a walk to reach the stadium if coming by public transit.

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FC Bayern Erlebniswelt is an FC Bayern museum inside Munich's Allianz Arena that will thrill fans both serious and casual with the team's trophies and history. #munich #bavaria #germany #museum #fcbayern

FC Bayern Erlebniswelt is an FC Bayern museum inside Munich's Allianz Arena that will thrill fans both serious and casual with the team's trophies and history. #munich #bavaria #germany #museum #fcbayern

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