Learn German with films starring actress Miriam Stein!

Learn German with Films of Miriam Stein

Actress Miriam Stein is barely in her 30s but she already has more than two dozen acting credits to her name. Famous for her award-winning performances on both television and film, Stein can move audiences in dramas or comedies. So this month, let’s get to know Miriam Stein and practice German with film!

About Miriam Stein

Miriam Stein was born May 10, 1988, in Vienna, Austria. Her father is a Swiss television host and her mother is an Austrian theater director. As a child, Stein wanted to pursue a career in dance and attended a special school associated with an opera house. But her dreams of dance were ended by a hip injury.

By the tender age of eleven, Stein had her first film appearance and with a leading role, no less! She continued pursuing acting, studying in both Zurich and Paris.

Learn German with the film Generation War, starring actress Miriam Stein!

Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter (Generation War)

German broadcaster ZDF is responsible for the television miniseries Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter, or Generation War as it’s known internationally. The show follows the lives of a group of 20-something German friends as they navigate through a world centered on World War II.

Stein portrays Charlotte or Charly as her friends call her. She is a very quiet, gentle young woman with a secret crush on friend Wilhelm. When the war comes calling, Charly begins working as a nurse and quickly toughens up in the face of the reality she experiences. But it’s the hope of being reunited with her friends, especially Wilhelm, that keeps her going. At least for a little while.

The series also stars Volker Bruch (who portrays Wilhelm), Tom Schilling, Katharina Schüttler, and Ludwig Trepte as members of the tight-knit group of friends.

Learn German with the film Young Goethe In Love, starring actress Miriam Stein!

Goethe! (Young Goethe in Love)

Director Philipp Stölzl’s 2009 film Goethe! stars Alexander Fehling as the legendary German poet Goethe before he was a legendary poet. The film is pure entertainment with its blending of fact and fiction. After failing his law exams, Goethe’s father sends him to a small town to do legal work. But instead of buckling down and getting serious about his future, Goethe falls in love with Lotte, the daughter of a widower (portrayed by Stein). Unfortunately, she’s engaged to another man (portrayed by Moritz Bleibtreu).

Learn German with the film 100 Dinge, starring actress Miriam Stein!

100 Dinge (100 Things)

In 2018’s 100 Dinge, a pair of childhood best friends and business partners (Florian David Fitz and Matthias Schweighöfer) make a bet to give up their material possessions. They decide to give up their belongings for 100 days, with a single item being returned each day. The challenge tests not only each man individually, but their friendship, too. Things become even more difficult once Lucy, a young woman (portrayed by Stein) with her own life crises, enters the picture.

In addition to starring in the film, Fitz also receives writing and directing credits.

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