Learn German with the music of rapper MC Fitti!

Learn German with Music of Rapper MC Fitti

Perhaps there’s no more consistent musician than MC Fitti. With his baseball cap, sunglasses, and a bushy beard, the rapper is instantly recognizable. It’s a hip-hop uniform of sorts. Much like his image, Fitti’s music is similarly constant: easy-going and laid-back party anthems matched with colorful music videos that are graphic and silly. He isn’t pondering any deep or serious philosophical issues with his music. But, as the saying goes, he’s laughing all the way to the bank. This month, let’s learn German with the music of rapper MC Fitti!

The Man Behind the Sunglasses

While he may want you to think he was born with the sunglasses and the beard, that’s simply not the case. MC Fitti is the stage name for Dirk Witek. He was born January 10, 1976, and Witek spent his childhood in Gifhorn, in the north-central part of Germany. Before moving solely into music, he received formal training as an electrician. After that, Witek moved to Berlin. There he was working building sets for film and television.

The Music of MC Fitti

Witek’s move into music came less than a decade ago. His track “30° Grad,” a 1980s-tinged ode to the warm summer months, served as a breakthrough in 2012. And with that, the ball was rolling for MC Fitti.

The following year, he released his debut album, #Geilon. Featuring appearances from the likes of Marsimoto (aka Marteria) and Felix Brummer (from Kraftklub), the album entered the German album charts in the second spot. His sophomore album, Peace, followed in 2014.

Since then, Fitti seems less interested albums. Instead, the focus is on singles with music videos. And in that respect, Fitti is quite prolific. His most recent is “Moini,” from the spring of 2019.

And as though the music wasn’t enough, Fitti is taking his image as far as he can. In 2014, he entertained fans with a book: Aus meinem Auspuff kommt Konfetti: Willkommen in MC Fittis Welt.

To say that Fitti is “rapping” might be a bit generous. A sort of lo-fi feel-good hip hop that’s incredibly casual. But clearly, the novelty hasn’t worn off just yet. But for German language learners, his rather slow semi-spoken delivery is ideal while the lyrics are as silly as you expect.

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