Practice your German skills using music in the German language! Featured this month is rapper Marteria.

Practice German with Music of Rapper Marteria

German rapper Marteria doesn’t rush when he’s rapping. He delivers his texts with a confidence and precision where the backing music almost seems irrelevant. But Marteria’s style is one suited for hip hop loving German language learners looking to practice their German. Let’s get to know one of Germany’s most popular rappers with this month’s German language music feature!

About Marteria

Marteria was born Marten Laciny in 1982 in the northeastern coastal town of Rostock, Germany. He spent his adolescence as a member of the FC Hansa Rostock youth team and even played in the under-17 squad for the German national soccer team. By the late 1990s, Laciny was working as a model.

Despite all of these pursuits and interests, Laciny had time for hip hop. During his teenage years he was a member of the group Underdog Cru. The group were signed to a label. By 18, he had his first solo contract.

The Music

As Marteria, Laciny has, to date, released four full-length albums in addition to countless singles and other tracks. His debut hip hop album Base Ventura was quietly released in 2007.

But it was his 2010 follow-up Zum Glück in die Zukunft that grabbed the attention of the music world. The album features notable tracks. Opener “Endboss” is a catchy track that uses video game samples that will sound familiar to anyone who was a child during the 80s and early 90s. The album’s bestselling single is the lighter, melodic and spacier sounding “Verstahlt” featuring Yasha. There are also collaborations on the album with musicians like Casper and Jan Delay.

His next hip hop album, 2014’s Zum Glück in die Zukunft II, hit the top of the German charts and went platinum. And just this year Marteria released Roswell, which hit #2 in the German and Austrian charts. The album features a number of memorable tracks. “Scotty beam mich hoch” is catchy and bouncing while “El Presidente” has a Latin-flavored chorus and “Das Geld muss weg” feels light and poppy.

Marteria or Marsimoto?

In addition to Marteria, Laciny’s other alter ego is Marsimoto. Using more electronics than with Marteria, Marsimoto features an altered high-pitch voice and sees adopting fellow German rapper Cro‘s style by wearing a mask. Marsimoto seems to be just as busy as Marteria. Under this guise he’s released four albums as well as additional EPs and tracks.

Practice your German skills using music in the German language! Featured this month is rapper Marteria.

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