German Music

Music is a universal language so let’s use music to learn and practice the German language. Find an Ohrwurm to help you learn German!

Practice German with Munich rock'n'rollers Spider Murphy Gang!

German Music: Spider Murphy Gang

Munich-based Spider Murphy Gang have been around for decades. Four of them, to be specific! And while you likely won’t find any deep songs pondering the philosophical, what you will find is fun. The band’s rock’n’roll sound is, however, perfect for us German language learners: it’s clear, it’s direct and it’s memorable. While the band […]

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Practice German language with the music of singer-songwriter Ansa Sauermann.

German Music: Singer-Songwriter Ansa Sauermann

If you like being on the cutting edge and knowing all the latest bands, then Ansa Sauermann is someone who will interest you. The Dresden-based singer-songwriter has a brand new album. Weisse Liebe hit store shelves (or whatever the digital equivalent is) on Friday, August 18th. Let’s get to know this up-and-coming musician and practice

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toni kater (Photo: Ferran Casanova)

German Music: Toni Kater

I first became aware of German singer-songwriter Toni Kater through her collaborations with Einstürzende Neubauten percussionist and a favorite of mine, Rudi Moser. In addition to his appearances in Kater’s own music, the two worked together under the name Kill Royal and released an English language track (the darkly absorbing “Remember”) through the Lokalhymnen Berlin

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