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German Film: Lucas Gregorowicz

This month’s featured German language actor is a star of the stage and screen — big and small. London born, German raised Lucas Gregorowicz has serious acting experience. He also has range. From doing Shakespeare on the stage to portraying a pizza-making stoner selling marijuana (and this was pre-Pineapple Express but post-Jay & Silent Bob) on the silver screen to an adulterous political lobbyist on the small screen. In short, you may not have to look to hard to find Lucas Gregorowicz. He seems to be everywhere.



Teamed up with previously featured actor Moritz Bleibtreu, 2001’s Lammbock is a stoner comedy adventure. Gregorowicz portrays Stefan and Bleibtreu as Kai. The men star as two friends who use their pizza business as a cover to deliver marijuana. After they notice insects eating their cash crops, so to speak, they decide to ask a friend for advice on their growing operation. The visit to their friend’s farm is a catalyst that sets off a chain of events where, naturally, hilarity ensues.

As a side note, Gregorowicz has an ongoing history with Bliebtreu. The two also worked together on films directed by Fatih Akin, Solino in 2002 and Soul Kitchen in 2009, as well as 2008’s Akin-produced Chiko.



Just like Lammbock, Hardcover from 2008 is another buddy movie. Coincidentally, or not so coincidentally, both were directed by Christian Zübert. Gregorowicz stars as Christopher while Wotan Wilke Möhring portrays Dominik. An aspiring author, Christopher is stuck in his job and not seeing his dreams come to fruition. After he witnesses a theft, he gets an idea for a writing project. He enlists Dominik to introduce him to the criminal underworld. Of course, as a crime comedy, nothing goes as planned or expected.



As a television show, Vorstadtweiber may not be technically a film. However, it is, arguably, the hottest television show in the German speaking world. The Austrian answer to Desperate Housewives, Vorstadtweiber (literally “Suburban Women”) is only one season in and has gotten people watching and talking. The core of the show is a group of wealthy women living in the Viennese suburbs. Gregorowicz fits in as Bertram Selig, a German-born lobbyist who is having an affair with one of the women while maintaining a business relationship with her husband. The show is a bit over the top but if you like steamy soaps and dramas with plenty of intrigue, Vorstadtweiber is worth checking out.

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Top photo from das Erste, Vorstadtweiber photo from ARD.

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