Learn German with films of actor Lucas Gregorowicz!

Learn German with Films of Lucas Gregorowicz

London-born, German-raised Lucas Gregorowicz has some serious acting experience that ranges from the stage to both the big and small screens. From doing Shakespearean theater to portraying a pizza-making stoner selling marijuana (and this was pre-Pineapple Express but post-Jay & Silent Bob) on the silver screen, Lucas Gregorowicz is the kind of actor that embodies each role that he takes on. You may not have to look too hard to find Lucas Gregorowicz. He seems to be everywhere.

This month, let’s get to know Lucas Gregorowicz better and learn German with film!

Get to Know Lucas Gregorowicz

Lucas Gregorowicz was born on August 31, 1976, in London, England, to Polish parents. At the time, his father was in England as a guest worker. While visiting her husband in the English capital, Gregorowicz’s mother went into labor, and Lucas was born. After about a decade, the family moved to Bochum, Germany.

Gregorowicz remained in Bochum and grew up there. He studied at an acting school in the late 1990s and worked at the Schauspielhaus Bochum. It was right around this time that he had his first roles on television. But it was his 2001 role in Lammbock that was his big-screen debut.

In addition to acting, Gregorowicz is also a noted musician. He is a member of the band Bad Boy Boogiez, a rock group that started as an AC/DC cover band but has since grown into more.

Learn German with film Lammbock starring actor Lucas Gregorowicz!

Lammbock – Alles in Handarbeit

Gregorowicz teams up with Moritz Bleibtreu in the 2001 stoner buddy comedy Lammbock – Alles in Handwerk.

Gregorowicz portrays Stefan and Bleibtreu is Kai. The men star as two friends who use their pizza business as a cover to deliver marijuana. After they notice insects eating their cash crops, so to speak, they decide to ask a friend for advice on their growing operation. The visit to their friend’s farm is a catalyst that sets off a chain of events where, naturally, hilarity ensues.

As a side note, Gregorowicz has an ongoing history with Bliebtreu. The two also worked together on films directed by Fatih Akin: Solino in 2002 and Soul Kitchen in 2009, as well as 2008’s Akin-produced Chiko. And in 2017, the pair reprise their Lammbock roles for the sequel, Lommbock.

Learn German with film Schrotten! starring actor Lucas Gregorowicz!


The debut full-length film from filmmaker Max Zähle, 2016’s Schrotten! sees Gregorowicz and Frederick Lau portraying brothers Mirko and Letscho.

Mirko lives in Hamburg and works at an insurance agency. However, along the way, he has not made the best business deals. Now it seems he may be in over his head after two men show up at his office making threats.

When Mirko’s father dies and leaves the family scrapyard to him, Letscho is less than thrilled. And on top of that, their father has one last wish: for the pair to pull off a massive crime. So to settle his debts and come out on top, Mirko and his brother are going to have to work together and put aside their differences.

Learn German with film Sommerfest starring actor Lucas Gregorowicz!


In the 2017 film Sommerfest, Gregorowicz stars as Stefan Zöllner, a theater actor who lives in Munich. When Stefan visits his hometown of Bochum for a weekend, he plans to settle some family business. At the top of his list is selling the home of his late father.

But Stefan gets more than he bargains for when he runs into old friends, including his former love Charlie (portrayed by Anna Bederke).

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