Seeing Stars: Lebkuchensterne

Before we even left Munich, I knew when we got home I was going to make Lebkuchenherzen. The heart-shaped gingerbread cookies with colorful frosting with sweet messages are all over the city. They’re the kind of souvenir you don’t feel dirty buying and every festival you go to seemed to have them. I saw old women dancing with a Lebkuchenherzl hanging from their neck. So I had to give making the Lebkuchen cookies a shot.

When I made up the cookie dough, I was a little concerned that it wasn’t right. It seemed somewhat dry and spongy. I didn’t think it would be easily rollable for cutting out the cookies. I was wrong! The dough was perfect for rolling and not difficult at all. I decided to skip the traditional heart shape for now and use a star cookie cutter for this initial batch.

Another concern I had was that the recipe uses baking soda in packets. I couldn’t find the packets in my local supermarket so I used a substitution that seemed to work out well.

Now to whip up some icing for them…

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