Travel: München

There’s nothing like a nice, long trip to make you…not want to go back to reality. But back to reality we are. My husband and I recently spent some time in München and, boy, did we love it. We had some fantastic food (our favorites included the relaxing Hirschgarten, our post-Pinakothek visit ritual Alter Simpl, and the authentic Braunauer Hof before checking out a film at CinemaxX) and stayed at a lovely hotel, Hotel Laimer Hof, in a quiet neighborhood just blocks from Schloss Nymphenburg and outside of the hustle and bustle of Marienplatz — which while beautiful and close to the Viktualienmarkt (another favorite) was a bit too much for us. I spent the entire trip trying to find the courage to practice the German I’ve spent the last year working so hard to learn but I certainly learned a lot. We’re both looking forward to returning some day. But until then, I have plenty of tastes to try and replicate in my own kitchen (I’ve already been mixing up Spezi and translating recipes). Now if only someone would invent a teleporter so that the dog could come with us!

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